The Beacon Staff’s Open Table Discussion Gender Appropration and Gender Neutral Bathrooms

By The Beacon Staff

female-44081_1280Per usual, during Production Layout Day, members of The Beacon carry out numerous discussions on any topic that comes to mind. On this past Production Sunday, we dived into the topic of gender neutral bathrooms and gender appropriation.

These have been hot topics in the SMCC community as well as American society in general. Many of our students stand by the fact that we need gender neutral bathrooms in every building on campus and we do- for the most part.

One of the pressing issues that we thought would tag along with this change springs from the gender neutral bathrooms in the Hildreth Science Wing. You walk in to see the beautiful sight of a urinal and this makes some people uncomfortable. This brought us to ask, “do we really need urinals?”

That question lead us into discussions regarding gender appropriation and the necessity of urinals.

“Men should stand. They should not need to take a seat!”

“It really doesn’t matter!”

“Sitting or standing, just do what you gotta do.”

As you can see, we do not agree all the time and that’s OK. Regardless of what change, if any, will be implemented, someone will be upset or uncomfortable. It’s a matter of who that will be at this point.

Side note: Marcel Duchamp, a french artist, submitted a standard urinal presented on its side for exhibition purposes titled “Fountain” to the newly established Society of Independent Artists in the early 20th century.

The Society’s guidelines were to accept all submissions, yet rejected Duchamp’s. The Society decided that a piece of sanitary ware, especially one associated with such bodily functions, could not be considered art.

Duchamp was a member of the Society of Independent Artists and after this decision, decided to resign from the board in protest for “censoring art.” Today, “Fountain” is considered one of his greatest pieces and an iconic symbol of art at that time.

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