Cyber Slavery

By Meghan Lessard

Our generation is growing up in a time of continuously evolving technology. Although technology can positively affect our everyday lives, often times it has a negative effect that is overlooked.

Many school districts have updated their systems and incorporated uses of technology. Whether it be providing laptops or iPads to students or using online programs to access assignments, education is becoming easily accessible.

Technology also gives us the opportunity to communicate with loved ones and friends that we aren’t able to see as often as we would like. More often than not, you see stories of people using technology to find biological family and friends that they had lost connection with.

Applications are often completed online for things such as jobs and various colleges. Websites like Indeed.com have allowed both young kids and adults easily find and apply for various jobs with just a few clicks. College websites often supply basic applications that are available to fill out online, which is extremely convenient if you are looking at schools out of state.

The pros of technology could go on forever, but the cons list could be just as long. For example, social media is a big aspect that comes with technology. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram allow people to share the highlights of their lives with others. Although it may bring many good things, social media can also be addictive. Many people will experience instant gratification from their cell phones and social media.

More often than not, when you go out to dinner you see families sitting on their phones and not socializing with others at the table. Cell phones have become extremely addictive. Many would rather use their phone than physically talk to someone.

With the variety of different gaming systems we have now, children often sit in front of a TV or phone for hours on end. This can cause a delay the social and mental development of a child.

The convenience of technology limits people’s desire to go out and see the world. Many people have smartphones and laptops that they would rather use to gather information. This causes people to become more and more lazy.

Although technology has many good aspects, it can cause humans to disconnect themselves from the real world. I highly encourage people to put their phones down and go explore. There are so many amazing things in this world to see that pictures can’t do a justice for.

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