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Mama Kindness is overjoyed! My kindness boxes are now receiving witnesses of kindness. It makes my heart overjoyed with happiness. My boxes have been up and available for a month now, and the one located in the tutoring center by the sign in computer received an entry.

This entry was anonymous. It was about a small church in South Berwick that was collecting food, clothing, pet supplies and donations to give to the Coast Guard during the recent government shutdown. This witness said, “This is how you spread love and kindness!!!” Wow, that blew me away. Not everyone would think of the idea of pet supplies. The pets are suffering too. I could not even imagine what a pet owner would go through, having to decide whether to feed themselves or their pet.

The shutdown is now over, we can all hope it is over for good! We also hope that everyone’s lives have a more positive outlook now. A lot of lives were changed and/or touched by the shutdown. Families were having to make decisions that the average human beings working in the private sector never have to make. Decisions that involved feeding their families or feeding their pets.

Just because someone works for the public sector does NOT mean they are not living paycheck to paycheck. Some of these families struggle just to make ends meet on a weekly basis, similar to a lot of us. You take away a pay check and they are barely able to keep their heads above the poverty line. You take 5 weeks of paychecks, and they are literally drowning.

Things have started to return to normal for these folks, but the chance of another shutdown looms over their heads. Most of these people had to find jobs to feed their families, pay their mortgage, and pay any and all other bills they had prior to the shutdown. Bills like auto payments, insurance payments, medical payments, cell phones, cable and any other numerous payments we all deal with on a monthly basis.

What the church did for the Coast Guard was more than act of kindness, it was an act of love for their Maine neighbors. Neighbors helping neighbors – now that is the Maine way! That is what this great state is all about. You hear about it all time. Maine people are the kindest people in the all the United States. Yes, I am a bit biased as this is my home but I believe we have the kindest people in the world!

Have you witnessed any random acts of kindness? Have you seen someone go out of their way to help a friend, help a classmate, help a faculty member or maybe even help a stranger? Whatever the kindness is I want to hear it. Please drop me an email at You can also drop your sightings in the “new” Little Kindness Boxes.

The Little Boxes of Kindness can be found in two locations; one in the Spring Point dorm entrance on the front desk, and the other can be found at the Library in the Tutoring Center by the sign in computer. (The Library and Tutoring Center are located on the second floor of the Campus Center.) Just write or type a kindness sighting on a piece of paper and drop it in the box. Please include the date and approximate time of the sighting; you may include your name or remain anonymous.
Till next issue, we are all fighting our own battles, no one knows what each of us is going through so BE KIND to everyone you come into contact with. Karma will repay you tenfold!

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