Checking in with the Beacon Staff Astrologist

By Celina Simmons

0196644C-7826-4AB8-9201-572E8338A938The past few months have been insanely hectic to say the least, and that’s all thanks to the crazy cosmic energy that has been thrown at us. We’ve survived retrograding planets, eclipses, and Super Moons, one right after the next. The good news: the Universe is giving us time to heal from all of that.

Throughout the month of May, we will experience three retrograding planets: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. The energy exerted from these planets in retrograde is typically less strong than that from Mercury, Venus, or Mars retrogrades. This is because of the placement of the planets. The ones closest to us are felt more heavily than those furthest.

DYER_astrology_illustrationAlthough these retrogrades are weaker, we will still notice a slow in the pace of life. There will be a gentle energy in the air that will allow time for self-reflection, whether that may be assessing your past or considering your future. Use this time to check in with yourself. Where is your life taking you? And is that where you want to go? These are important questions to ask yourself at this time.

On the 18th of May, the fourth Full Moon since the Equinox and before the Solstice will occur in the Scorpio zodiac. According to foreverconscious.com, “its energy is going to be potent and is a sign from the Universe that we really need to be releasing, detoxifying, and letting go in order to welcome in the new energies that are waiting to surround planet Earth.”

Another factor that will make this Full Moon so potent is because the Scorpio zodiac sign is identified with transformation and spiritual growth. This is the time in life where it is best to place trust and faith into the Universe. Foreverconscious.com says, “Surrendering is not about being passive, it is about listening, opening, and trusting… When you surrender and trust in the process, problems are resolved with more ease and with less tension and stress… and this Full Moon is the perfect time.”

In general, Full Moons hold crazy and intense energy due to the Sun and Moon placements on opposite sides of the zodiac. But because of this natural balance, Full Moons always bring us potential. Thoughts, dreams, and emotions can be amplified, and if you tune into this intensity, it’s the perfect time to seek clarity and reflection.

I’d like to apologize for the lack of Astrology Checks in the past few issues. That crazy cosmic energy took a toll on me as well. I’ve noticed this hazy wave of exhaustion take over campus in the past few months of this semester, and I am not only talking about the foggy weather. It’s as if someone put a veil over our perceptions of life.

Of course, we all get busy at the end of a semester. It’s natural to stress over finals and everything on top of that. For me personally, the end of this semester has felt like crawling through the finish line with broken arms. So, catch me indulging in the universe’s healing energies.

I sincerely hope everyone gets to feel the healing energy of this month. Not only that, I hope you all enjoy the summer weather and take a chance to really reflect on what you want in life and how you will get it. Take time to listen, not only to what your thoughts are telling you you need, but to what your soul is whispering to you.

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