Arts & Culture

Movie Mood

By Magella Cantara

This new movie came out on Netflix called “Someone Great” (for those of you who haven’t heard of it). To summarize this movie instead of spilling all the details, it is about a couple that has been together for nine years then they break up. It shows every raw emotion and the couple’s journey together up until the break-up. The way this was executed visually was beautiful and extremely heartfelt. The feelings not only cover the loss in heartbreak but the pressures of finding yourself and your own way in life. These three girls are best friends from college, living in New York City. They all take a day from work and prioritize on being there for one another. Not only does it show the important struggle of love but the value of a good support system. This isn’t an all sad movie. When watching it you will go through the ups and downs the characters go through, all the good and bad along with everything in between. There’re a few fun songs that play in this movie, some sad songs too that bring back the memories of when the couple was together. I recommend this movie for anyone who may have gone through something similar or is going through it. Watching this movie will make you feel less alone and secure that things will be okay in the end even if you have no idea what you’re doing. So hopefully, my introduction to whoever reads this about “Someone Great” helps make up your mind whoever you are, and about what you want to watch on Netflix next.

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