Thank You Midcoast


By Brandon Richards

All photos courtesy Tori Penny

As this school year draws to an end, it is important to reflect back and to say “thank you.” Over the past year there have been numerous ups and downs for the Midcoast campus. I would like to take a moment to thank some of those who turned those downs into ups. 

First off, Tori Penney deserves a very special thank you. Tori is the Resident Director of Orion Hall, the Midcoast dorms, as well as club advisor for almost every club on the Midcoast campus. Without Tori none of our successes this year would have been possible. 

The Midcoast student Senators were also involved in making this a successful year. They consist of Lydia Thorner, Patrick Remedis, Taylor Rathbun, Andrea Kyzer, as well as me, Brandon Richards. Each and every one of these Senators have gone above and beyond to improve the Midcoast and SMCC as a whole.

Lydia, is the chair for the Midcoast senate. She is also RA and this year’s winner of the SMCC Rising Star Award. Patrick is our newest Senate member. With his likable personality, it is a pleasure to have him as a Senator. Taylor became president of Gaming Club this semester. With her help, the Gaming Club was able to host an event at Round 1, which was popular among many students. Andrea is another RA, she is also the president of Rainbow Landing. She will be graduating on May 12th with . It has been an honor to work beside her and we all wish her the best. 

Many incredible things have happened this school year. As a Midcoast Senator, I have experienced first-hand the things that these Senators accomplished. One of the biggest accomplishments has been improving the Midcoast Captain’s Cupboard. The Ccupboard went from having just a few cans of sliced carrots to receiving a couple hundred pounds of food each week from a local nonprofit. The Captain’s Cupboard has also been expanded to include a new, larger fridge and several more shelves to store the food.

There have been several awesome events on campus, like karaoke, game night and off- campus events like bowling and the wildly popular Round 1 trip.

This year we tried something new. The Springfest BBQ was combine with the new student open house. It was a great opportunity for potential students to interact with current students, plus there was a bounce house.

Thank you to all the students and staff who helped or participated in any event or program this year.

Have a fantastic summer, Midcoast!.

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