Campus News

A Club That is Out of This World

By: Tyler O’brien

The SMCC Astronomy Club is a small group of stargazers here on campus with astronomical aspirations. We strive to be an open and accepting organization, with room for anyone with even a passing interest in the stars. We will be holding weekly meetings in the Campus Center every Thursday at 11:30am to discuss potential star parties, trips, and projects. Our first order of business for the semester is to hold a star-gazing party Thursday, September 26th, beginning at 6pm in the Campus Center. We will be able to provide up to 6 telescopes for the evening and will have access to movies, coffee, and warmth! (as needed). We also have aspirations to make a scale solar system model here on campus, as well as the opportunity to take part in actual research. If any of this interests you, please contact Tyler O’Brien @ or feel free to attend a meeting at 11:30 every Thursday in the Campus Center. You can also find our group on the SMCC social media app!

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