Brunswick Keeping Busy

By: Tori Penney

Student Life staff and Midcoast student leaders worked around the clock during Welcome Week making sure there were plenty of opportunities for students. After new residents moved into Orion Hall on Friday August 23rd, Student Life’s new Graduate Assistant Dawson Cooper and Midcoast Activities Assistant Patrick Remedis hosted a game of Trivia! After a competitive game of kick ball on Saturday, over 20 students attended Galactic Bowling at Yankee Lanes. On Sunday, 13 students went to Popham Beach and Fort Popham, creating new friendships and taking in the beautiful scenery. Although the weekend had ended, there were many more events to come!


Midcoast’s returning Senators and Activities Committee members worked hard the first week to get clubs up and running! Students gathered around the Orion Fire Pit on Monday night to chat and make s’mores. On Tuesday they offered a Club Nite, where students interested in joining, leading, or creating clubs could learn how. Crafters showed off their skills Tuesday night at Craft Nite. On Thursday, Midcoast Senate offered a Senate and Activities Committee Social, where students could meet Midcoast Senators and learn about the benefits of getting involved. Friday night, queer folx gathered together for the LGBTQIA+ Caucus to make buttons and discuss the Philadelphia Flag. There was something for everyone!

During the Spring 2019 semester, the Student Senate created the Midcoast Senate Committee, which permits Midcoast students to host their own gatherings, induct their own Senators, and hold their own leadership positions. Two Midcoast Senate Committee meetings have occurred so far, and a number of new Senators are planning to join the team.

Midcoast Gaming Club and Rainbow Landing have already held their eBoard elections and have had productive meetings, and other clubs are gearing up for a successful year. Thank you to our passionate students who are leading the way for their clubs.

Lastly, I would like to issue a special thank you to our Student Life staff  Patrick Remedis, Lydia Thorner, and Maxine Grubb, who have worked above and beyond to make this all happen.

We are currently planning trips to Maine Wildlife Park, and there are rumblings about hosting a prom! If you are interested in joining Senate, Activities Committee, a club, or have an idea for an event, please contact me at tpenney@smccme.edu. We hope to see more students get involved!


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