Janet Mills and Rank Voting

by James Little

My question is “why?” I wonder if the people who came up with the idea were thinking of how they could make people feel better for not truly winning in an election or because of the way people were acting and were so upset because their candidate did not win the last election. In rank voting you can choose your first, then second and then your third choice. So, let’s say we have Car, Boat and Snowshoe running in an election.
We will say Car got 30% of the vote, Snowshoe got 20%, and Boat got 45%. Additionally, there was11% undecided who did not vote in the first chance. then Car 19% on the second Chance and Snowshoe got 70% and Boat
got 0% then Snowshoe would win.

We need to learn that losing is not the worst thing to happen; sometimes it is because when we lose, we grow and learn. Sometimes the person that you did not want to win, does and does things that help the people of the State or the Country. Then we re-vote them in; maybe the person you voted for does win and the opposite happens. When the next election comes you vote them out.

Yes, it stinks when the person you vote for does not win yet it is not the end of the world unless you make it that way for you. We must remember that if you do not like any of the Candidates then you still can do a write in vote. I still say that we that can vote should only be able to vote for one per- son only – not a 1ST, 2ND, or 3rd choice.

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