Arts & Culture

The Golden Woman

by Arden Goodwin

I remember not so long ago
I went for a walk
And came around it status quo
Lo, behold, I shuffled to the west,
catching an orange orb go down on the flesh of freshly fallen leaves,
I chuckled, I deviously glee’d,
At the beautiful death of the summer stench
When I lifted my eyes
An element of surprise
As a lady from the left
From the trees’ shadows she lept/
and shuffled a pace near equal to mine/
A ways up the hill, her
shadow on me still
Couldn’t tell if young or old
But as she eclipsed the sun/
the titan turned to gold
Lo, beholden,
A holy mantle golden
A foe then? No then
A fluorescent omen
As our paths were parallel, I didn’t follow her way
I didn’t cross the street or say, ‘hey lady,
we’re star-crossed, you walk as far as I may’
I did not follow her or say, we just

happened to be going the same way
The Golden Womans celerity perpetuated parity,
A glorious polarity, she was the one one one
My brain tried to play the magistrate
To tell me she was not my soulmate
But I was having none of it
Because I was desperate
Sadly, society
Kills me
A culture of victims has never thrilled me
I wasn’t bold enough
I wasn’t lone or cold enough
To catch up and fess up
I was afraid she’d think me
stalking in my pleasant walking
Though she hadn’t noticed me thus far
My action was subpar
A last glance from afar
As I turned to take an alternate path
I’d hoped to find the taps of her running shoes along my laps
But I saw the whole grid
And saw only blues
Lo, behold,
Beholden I’ve been
The Golden Woman Left the buildin’

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