Your School Counselor is Only One Call Away

SMCC Partners with Sweetser

by Celina Simmons

College is not an easy part of our lives, but it is easy for college students to quickly slide down the slippery slope of mental illnesses or even addictions. After almost an entire academic year without a school counselor, SMCC students finally have a healthy outlet to turn to – and it’s super easy to do.

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SMCC partnered with Sweetser, the leading co-locator for counselors in public schools in Maine. Sweetser is a nationally accredited mental health provider that provides services for more than 20,000 children and adults every year.

This is available for ALL students, whether you have insurance or not. If your insurance doesn’t cover all of the services, SMCC will cover the rest of the cost so that NO student has to pay ANY money out of pocket for help they need.


To set up an appointment with one of Sweetser’s counselors, all you have to
do is call their Promise Line and identify yourself as an SMCC student. From there, Sweetser will confirm enrollment with the school and you should receive a call directly from the counselor within the next day or so to arrange a time best for an appointment on the SoPo or MidCoast campuses.

In cases of more urgency, students can call Sweetser’s 24 hour Intentional Warm Line. This is a “peer-to-peer” phone line that offers conversations with a trained specialist to guide the student through the intensity or struggle they may be feeling in that moment.

It’s important that we students know the resources we have available. Not many of us can get through the stressors of college alone. That’s okay and that’s why SMCC is dedicated to providing ALL of their students with some of the best mental health care in the state.

Sweetser Promise Line : 1(800)434-3000 Intentional Warm Line : 1(866)771-9276

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