From the Desk of the Managing Editor

By Celina Simmons

Lately more than ever, the world has been very messy. Politicians are running around like children (what else is new?); climate scientists say we have only 20 years left; flavored vape juice is deemed “murderous;” and on top of all of that, homework is still piling up! As if there wasn’t enough to worry about.

Sometimes it’s impossible to settle down and focus with all of this happening, as life gets pretty blurry in the mix and we can’t help but stress about things out of our control. (Quick side note: check out the Other World section for 10 great ways to manage stress!)

I’ve taken note over the past couple of weeks that the majority of people I’ve come in contact with that have been feeling the weight of the world more than usual. I’m intrigued as to why and how so many people are feeling the same way at this time. And it’s not just students feeling this.

I’ve spoken to faculty, my friends who aren’t even in school, and my parents, all of whom feel run down. Is this because we’ve been pushing too hard for so long? Or is there something more in the mix that we have incidentally been looking over?

I’m always one to advocate awareness in what’s happening in the world around you, but at this time I feel it’s of more importance to touch base with yourself. By that, I mean when you start feeling overwhelmed, stop what you are doing, sit alone, and ask yourself, “what do I need?”

Sometimes we don’t realize how much these things we hear about on the news affect us in a subconscious way. It’s as if the media keeps feeding us negativity on top of negativity, and when we get handed our own plates of responsibilities, we feel as if we’ve bitten off more than we can swallow.

Yes, it’s important to be informed in our society. However, it’s more important than ever to be informed on your own needs. Take time to listen to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual experience. Just listen and help yourself for once, be selfish for once, spoil yourself one goddamn time because you of all people know how much you need it.

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