Motorcycle Safety

By James Little 

Have you ever thought that you might want to ride a motorcycle because you think it would be cool or because it would be cheaper on gas? Then what I would tell you is that you should look into taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundations course (MSF) to see if riding a motorcycle is right for you. I have seen some people who have taken the course decide it was not for them because they could not get adjusted to shifting gears and using the clutch at the same time. Before you waste your money on buying a motorcycle that you will never ride (or if you already ride), please do yourself and our school a favor and put a pad under your kickstand so that it does not ruin the parking areas.

Here is what the MSF courses can teach you as a beginner or even if you are experienced at riding but want to improve your riding skills. For the beginners there is the Starting The Ride, which is the Basic Rider course. Then there is the Continuing The Ride, where you can get the understanding on how to ride in urban and town roads. After that, you have the Advanced Rider Course that helps you to improve your skills;V last but not least, you have the Master Riding Course. Here is one location where you can get information here in the state of Maine for these courses: Crystal Falls Banquet Facility, 1269 Eastern Ave, Chelsea, ME. It’s State Route 17, just minutes east of Augusta. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them at 207-445-MOST (6678). (They ask that you please do not contact their training locations directly concerning our training courses, as their offices are not at this location.) You can also visit https://www. msf-usa.org/ for more general information.


Photo Courtesy of James Little

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  1. I read an interesting article on motorcycle safety in an UK motorcycle magazine a long time ago where the author (who was a senior editor) commented that the safety factor of riding a motorcycle should be higher than one driving a car.

    One point he made was that a motorcyclist have a 360 degree view (i.e. no blind spots) and such be more aware of the traffic and danger.

    On this point I agree with this editor but unfortunately there are other factors that a motorcyclist however fails to adhere. Over speeding, lack of understanding & control of their bikes, lack of proper biking clothes (no helmet, T-shirt, short pants and flip-flop are the worst clothes to wear to ride a bike), failure to follow the traffic rules and no visibility.

    I rode a bike for 15 years and I only had one minor accident with a car when it made an illegal u-turn. Bikes can be very safe to ride but it boils down to rider’s attitude & preparations as well


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