The Negatives of Size and Beauty

By James Little

Why is it that this world thinks the only way to be beautiful or happy is to be skinny? We all have seen celebrities endorse products such as SlimFast, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and the South Beach Diet – just to name a few. Then there are the pills that supposedly boost your body into hyperactiveness and your body will just lose the weight, or that it will just melt away. Hogwash!!! And if you do lose it, when you stop taking the pills, the weight will come back and more. Then we have the doctors who let us know that we should lose weight for health issues but do not give us instructions on how to do so, other than to diet and exercise. That can not help you if you have physical limitations to working out. If you were very active then not able to do the intensive workouts anymore, then that weight loss does not happen.

I have been around for a long while and I have been all over this great world and I have seen and been around people from all over that were skinny and big. Both are beautiful and ugly, happy and sad. I have seen that one person that was wow! drop dead gorgeous, yet they were the ugliest person I have ever met and others whom were not as pleasing to the eye but the most beautiful, due to their demeanor and their inner beauty that transcended outward. So, be happy with yourself and who you are, this way your beauty shines through.

Why is it that we care for the way people see us? How is it that we think that if we lose the weight and become skinny that people are going to think that we are beautiful and happy? I believe that it will not make us happy unless we lose it for ourselves and are happy for whom we are, and for the others, if they do not like us for who we are, we do not need their approval at all.

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