10 Ways to Cope with Stress

by Lauren Ruby

Hello! This week, here are some activities to do when the stress is too much.

1) Unclutter your life

This can be taken literally or metaphorically. Take some time to clean your room, organize your desk or closet, and dust/clean any surfaces. Journaling is a great way to declutter your thoughts and figure out any feelings you can’t place. Prioritize events that you plan to attend. You can do this along with other things.

2) Smile

Smiling makes you feel happier and can spread positivity to others you encounter every day. It can also improve mental health.

3) Be prepared for rain

Check the weather before heading out for the day. Better to be prepared for any weather than caught in a downpour and soaked.

4) Tickle a baby

Before tickling the baby, you might want to ask the parent or guardian’s permission first before proceeding with the tickling.

5) Pet a friendly dog/cat

To make sure the pet is actually friendly, ask the owner for permission to pet first.

6) Don’t know all the answers

There is stress added when you feel like you have to know all the correct answers. It’s okay if you don’t know everything; that’s why school is here for learning, right? 😉

7) Look for a silver lining

It can be easier to wallow in everything that goes wrong. Thinking of something positive that has happened or is going to happen in the day. If you can’t think of anything, plan something and make it happen.

8) Say something nice to someone

Not only will you feel good about complimenting others, but they will feel good also.

10) Teach a kid to fly a kite

11) Walk in the rain

Probably should be done in a lighter drizzle than a heavy downpour. The fresh, clean air from when it just rained can help clear “stress brain”.

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