Arts & Culture

A Show in the Campus Center

by Arden Goodwin

If you’ve been to the Campus Center recently, you may have noticed a show of artwork done by none other than one of Southern Maine Community College’s self-made artists. Sarah Chadwick, on her second year of college here at SMCC, completed the concentration pieces displayed over the last summer as an independent study. She was inspired by the landscapes and mastering the visual dynamics in each drawing and painting, and admires Vincent Van Gogh in his ability to represent a scene in an appealing way. Her goal is to achieve the same compositional balance as Van Gogh’s work in her own developed style. 

Chadwick says, “Maine is a beautiful state and I have a wonderful opportunity to live on the coast. There are countless breathtaking scenes to choose from, and I wanted to develop my skills with something I haven’t done before.” 

Sarah has decided to continue her education at the University of Southern Maine with a major in Business and minor in Art, bringing a unique perspective to the business world. “I have been doing art my whole life, it has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been able to learn so much from SMCC with Charles Ott over the last three drawing classes.” 

If you stop by the Campus Center, make sure to visit the upstairs learning commons to see Sarah Chadwick’s artwork and artist’s statement to support art in our college’s community!

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