From the Desk of the Managing Editor

by Celina Simmons

Ignorance is bliss when the world outside you doesn’t exist. This seems to be how the majority of people have been living their day-to-day lives. Wake up, go to work, go home, turn on the news, ignore the hysteria, go to bed, and repeat.

I’ll admit it- I fall into this pattern myself sometimes. It’s disheartening to hear all that is going wrong in the world, especially when, often times, there is just as much going wrong in your personal life. When I hear about the migrant children torn away from their parents’ arms just to be thrown into filthy cages until God knows when, I ask myself what I can do and my mind draws blanks.

So, I turned to Google. The Women’s Refugee Commission is working to hold the government accountable for these immoral policies and to make sure these children and their families will be treated “humanely and fairly.” On their website, they have suggestions on how YOU can help such as educating people around you, as well as yourself, on what exactly is happening and where the legality of all this is being crossed.

One suggestion that I would like to see SMCC take part in is donating goods. “The government facilities that hold unaccompanied children are generally not allowed to accept donated goods. However, private migrant shelters need supplies.” I think it’s more than doable to create some sort of drive where students can drop off old stuffed animals, toys, books, clothes, or even nice blankets that we can send to those shelters.

Another option is always to call your local government reps. You can find your local, state, or national representatives by going to Tell them about how you feel in regards to this humanitarian crisis and include key points that don’t sit right with you. Hold them accountable.

Support migrant families in the area!! I cannot stress this one enough. These families are exhausted after having gone through seemingly endless journeys to feel safe again. Offer friendship and support in their new environment. Show them that this is a new beginning and we are happy that they’ve come so far.

Whether you are for or against refugees coming to our country, this has become a matter of immoral political greed. It’s not a funding issue, it’s a complete violation of people’s God-given human rights and you don’t need to believe in God to see that. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 2.53.37 PM.png


Children are in danger at the hands of YOUR government, so instead of falling back into that day-to-day do nothing but feel sorry mentality, find ways you can help. For more information, please visit and of course, Google is only a few clicks away.

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