Places that are said to be Haunted

By James Little

It is here where I remember that story from when I was a young teen that made me want to know more about places that people thought were haunted or people said they had seen a ghost. When I was living in Virginia Beach in 1967, there was a story on the news about an apartment complex in Norfolk Va. The wife of an enlisted naval officer was being treated for a nervous condition at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital that she said was brought about due to a poltergeist in her apartment in the Robin Hood complex  in Norfolk Virginia. The woman reported that she had experienced several unexplained events in her apartment – from hearing the sounds of heavy footsteps going up and down the stairs, to a cuckoo clock hanging on the wall mysteriously flying across the room, to a young child being thrown from her bed. A Catholic Priest was called in to perform an exorcism, yet the impish ghost had apparently returned according to the woman’s family, making her and her neighbors nervous.

(1967  The Virginia Pilot)

 So here in Maine, I decided to take a visit to the state prison in Thomaston Maine. It was built in 1824, the people sent there were males and females who would serve out their life sentences doing hard labor.  Some of the prisoners had short sentences of hard labor, and there was a section that was for mentally ill people as well. For years there have been reports of people seeing guards and prisoners alike at the old prison site. Guards have also made statements of feeling that someone was watching them, even though there was no-one around. One of the spookiest feelings that a person could experience is to feel that they have seen people who are no longer alive, and at the new state prison, they feel it is due to old equipment that was moved from the old Thomaston Prison and is used at the new state prison.

(Hauntedrooms.com) (copyright 2019 Haunted Rooms America) 

When we hear of ghost stories it seems that every town has one, yet there is no better place to hear them then sitting around a campfire or walking down a foggy road. Here in New England we have a lot of these, like in Isles Shore, New Hampshire, where people have reported seeing the spirits of the victims of the Smutty Nose Murders of 1873 walking around the rocky island. Another area that people have reported seeing ghosts is around Maren Rock. This is a place where the one surviving victim hid to save her life, while two other women were strangled. 

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