What Not to Ask A Veteran

There are a lot of veterans who attend Southern Maine Community College. Some have been to war and some have not. I cannot answer for the ones who have not, but I do know what not to ask any veteran. I am not just going by the way I feel, I am sharing these questions from my fellow vets.

  1. Have you ever killed anybody?
  2. What is it like to shoot someone?
  3. Did you lose anybody?
  4. Do you know any of any soldiers who committed suicide?
  5. Have you been around anybody who was blown up by an IED?
  6. What is it like to shoot at people or to be shot at?
  7. Do you love you country?
  8. Do you hate Muslims?
  9. Do you ever dream of being back there or do you have flashbacks?
  10. Do you ever want to kill yourself?
  1. What is it like over there? They would not understand so why bother to explain.
  2. Do you have PTSD?
  3. Have you ever shot someone?
  4. Do you know this person or that person he is in the Army? The Army is a very large and they do not have a clue what the lifestyle is like.
  5. Are you happy to be home?
  6. Are video games (e.g. Call of Duty) like war?
  7. Were you captured or tortured? Did you interrogate or torture an enemy?

We understand that it is most of the time just plain curiosity for most people, yet some think it is funny to see if they can get a reaction good or bad out of the vet or for them to share their feelings. If we want to share, we will bring the topics up ourselves. For many, they are painful.

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