Arts & Culture

Rhythm and Flow

By Magella Cantara

Netflix isn’t what it used to be but there are some good shows and movies if you dive deep for them. There’s one in particular I’d like to bring up. It’s a series called “Rhythm and Flow.” It’s known as a rap competition- essentially the American Idol of Hip-Hop.

Famous producers and artists are featured throughout the contestants’ challenges. Cardi B, T.I., and Chance the Rapper are judges – even Snoop Dogg weighs in as a guest judge. They travel to big cities like Chicago, Atlanta, NYC, and Los Angeles in search of talents that could be like them one day, having their own fanbases, personal achievements and successes.

Now, there won’t be any spoilers here if you have not watched this series from the beginning. What I will say is that there is an EP out by one of the contestants known as D Smoke. His EP is called “Inglewood High”. Give it a listen. I highly recommend it. His album is blowing up by the day as well as his fanbase. He’s right behind artists like Post Malone on the charts. Even if rap music isn’t your first choice, give him a chance. He incorporates multiple instruments into his songs. His lyricism is genuine and honest, what a lot of people are trying to bring back into today’s music industry. If you want a truly well rounded artist to look up to and get to know their story and everything they stand for, check out D Smoke on all music platforms. Even if you want to listen to the music without watching the series at least try to invest in some of the episodes. It’s not sugar coated. It gives off a more raw sense than most competitive music shows. They tell it how it is and that’s what more of the world could use. Showing that vulnerability and how you can take that then make something beautiful out of it. Who knows, watching this series might even inspire you to embrace the artist in you more, giving you the hope of succeeding by using a creative mind.    

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