Arts & Culture

For my Sunflower of a Friend

by Magella Cantara

You greet everyone
With yellow petals
Look closely
Are burning at The edges
From lighter
Fluid & players who
Use gasoline instead
Of water
you continue
being busy building
To hide a dark
Place that makes
Up your middle
Space It doesn’t define you
You refuse to let it
depression clouds
You like a bee
Feeding for pollen
Except every
Feeling is polluted
Your lungs
Look like helium
Letting gasps of
Cold go
Trying to like it like
You liked those boys
My sunflower
You don’t
Deserve to think suicide
None of us do
So when you aren’t watered
Collect each life source
Inside soil
Rich with rain
Rebuild your
soul bend your leaves a little
Keep going, keep growing
Take one step
Take two
Take three
I promise
you got you
And the sun will
Heal your wounds
some days more than others
But that isn’t to say
You won’t not be okay.
I love you my sunflower friend.
I miss you.
We got this.


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