2020 Graduates Ready to Take on the World

by Celina Simmons

3,898,000 college students across the country will be receiving diplomas this Spring. A handful of SMCC students, including myself, make up part of that number. It’s crazy to think back to those first couple weeks when we started our journey here. I bet most, if not all of you could say you were a different person then.

It’s true, we’ve grown through our time here. Whether commuting or dorming, the campus becomes comfortable. So in honor of those graduates and new beginnings to come, I wanted to see where students were going. We all know how often plans change, but I was able to speak to different departments about what they expect to see this spring.

After doing a little research I found that the most popular majors offered at SMCC were Business Management, Nursing/Health professions, and Communications. I reached out to faculty in those departments and asked about their graduates’ plans.

After speaking to Business Department Chair and Professor Mark Reuscher, I learned that 200 students will graduate from that department this spring. When Professor Reuscher started his time here twenty years ago, most students graduating from the department went straight into a job in their field. 

Because of this, there were two types of degrees offered in the program; one tailored for those going directly into the job market, and another for students who planned to transfer to 4-year institutions. Now, only the latter is offered and we are seeing the majority of graduates transfer to those schools.

I was also able to speak to Michael Nozdrovicky, Chair of the Nursing Department, and he informed me that 55 students will become graduates from his department this spring. He also shared that a whopping 100% of graduate nursing students have success in finding a job in the healthcare industry. They also have a highly successful completion of the National Council Licensure Exam or NCLEX. This is a nationally recognized exam taken in order to receive a nursing license.

Some soon-to-be nursing graduates are planning on continuing on to 4-year universities and are even start work on a Bachelors while finishing their Associates degree. It’s estimated that 20% of graduates will be transferring after this spring.

Lastly, I spoke to Kate Sibole who is the Chair of the Communications and New Media Studies department. Kate was able to find out that as of right now, 42 students are prepared to graduate from the program in the spring. She is estimating that number may go up, considering those students who only need to complete general education courses.

The CNMS program has seen many students transfer to 4-year schools like MECA, USM, Emerson, Art Institute of Boston, Temple, and many others. Not all students in this department go on to continue their education. In fact, many students have gotten jobs at companies and institutes like National Geographic, USM, HBO, Netflix, and multiple news channels.

SMCC had a lot to teach us and we still have a lot to learn. If you are graduating this spring, embrace the new transition. Whether it’s a transfer to a new school or a new job, I wish you the best of luck and the utmost success where life takes you.

If you want to share your plans after graduation or shed a light on your department, send us an email or article explaining such! All emails and submissions can be sent to celinamsimmons@smccme.edu

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