From the Desk of the Managing Editor

by Celina Simmons

Don’t you love the beginning of a new semester? A nice, short-lived fresh start. New classes, new instructors, new books, new stressors- it’s all one big, beautiful cacophony happening over your busy day to day lives, but it’s okay! At least our President didn’t try to start WW3… Welp.

Leaving politics alone, in all seriousness, the beginning of a new semester is always stressful! It’s confusing and hectic and sometimes you just don’t know what to do with yourself or how you will handle the rest of the semester.

First of all, take a minute and breathe. You’ve been here before. Maybe not here at SMCC, but unless this is your first time ever entering any school system, you’ve been here. And what did you do? You probably took it a day at a time and that’s all you can do.

And this goes for other situations too, not just new semesters. It could be a new job, or a new house, or really any big change you go through. One day at a time.

Now that you feel a little bit more calmed down, let me tell you about another task you can add to your plate! Cue Beacon Recruitment Pitch:

Do you see your name in print in the future? Whether it’s after an article title, poem, drawing or photo, you can make that a reality. With sending work to the Beacon, you not only will have your name in print, you will be considered published as well! That’s a great resume booster and life experience all in one.

The Beacon has an open door policy meaning ANYONE can submit an article or piece of work at ANYTIME. All you have to do is email me at with a Google Doc copy of your work, or a .jpg/.pdf if it is an image. It’s that easy! And feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the Beacon.

You can also attend one of our Content Meetings every other Monday at 6pm in the Captain’s House. If you don’t know where that is, well you should probably find out because you are missing out on a lot there. *cough cough* free food *cough cough*

Again and as always, never hesitate to shoot me an email with questions or submissions. We love to have as many voices in our paper heard as possible and yours could be one of them.

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