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10 Ways to Cope with Stress

by Lauren Ruby

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Welcome back to a new semester everyone! Let’s start it right with some ways to love yourself and set you up for success! 

1)       Stop a bad habit

Breaking certain habits can improve memory, increase your lifespan, save money, and can help you become healthier and happier. Don’t take it on all at once though, you are more likely to break a habit when you take it day by day. It might also help to have someone who can help hold you accountable in making sure you quit and hold you up through moments of weakness.

2)       Buy yourself a flower

This is a great way to show yourself some love. Give it to yourself as a congratulatory gift for making it this far in the semester! You have gone through so much, you deserve to pamper yourself. 

3)       Take time to smell the flowers

This aromatherapy can lift up your mood, soothe anxiety, balance hormones, lowers blood pressure, reduces headaches, and creates a sense of balance and harmony. 

4)       Find support from others

When you surround yourself with people who are experiencing the same thing you are (no matter the circumstances), it can make going through it easier, or at least feel like you aren’t going through it alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

5)       Ask someone to be your “vent-partner”

Venting can be a good way to relieve some anger and stress so you can organize your thoughts and feelings. Find someone you can trust and who can listen without judgement, as long as you have their consent before doing so. You don’t want to say something that can ruin the relationship, and it is not a good idea to vent to the person or thing you are upset about.

6)       Do it today

Whether it’s the homework assignment due next week or the home project that needs to get done, take some time out of your day to get it done now. You can put less stress on yourself by doing so instead of putting it off and keeping it until the last minute.

7)  Work on being cheerful and optimistic

Positive thinking can help you cope with stress more effectively, lead to better health and better relationships, and give you more confidence and success, which can lead to a happier life.

8)      Take Care of Yourself

Another way to keep stress away is to take care of yourself. Make sure to practice simple tasks like washing your hands to prevent getting sick. Stick to a balanced, healthy diet and eating three meals a day. If you’re feeling stressed out, find some way to move and exercise your body, like taking a walk, play a sport with some friends, etc. 

9)       Do everything in moderation

Find a happy-medium in your work and life. Don’t load everything on yourself at once, but also don’t procrastinate. Make sure you moderate the time you take to get tasks done.

10)    Pay attention to your appearance

Looking good can make a good impression on others, but it can also boost your self confidence and can make you feel good.

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