2020 Candidate Clarification

by Celina Simmons

With every Presidential election, people are constantly being bombarded with this and that about each of the candidates. We wouldn’t have to worry about what’s true or false if we lived in a perfect world, but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in.

I always preach about the importance of educating a person on a subject before trying to sway their opinion on it. I figured it would be a good idea to talk a little bit about each candidate running this year since this election holds so much importance.

Currently there are 11 Democratic candidates still in the running and only 4 Republicans. To save your time, and mine, I will be talking about all 3 Republican candidates in this article, and will dive into the Democratic candidates in the following issues of The Beacon.

I would like to reiterate and highlight the importance of being informed about all of this. Just because I won’t be highlighting every single detail about the candidates here doesn’t mean they aren’t important. PLEASE take the time to go through and learn about each candidate and what they stand for on your own.

Introduction is said and done, let’s talk GOP. As previously mentioned, only 4 Republican candidates remain in the running: Joe Walsh, Bill Weld, Roque De La Fuente, and of course, our current President Donald Trump. Walsh and Weld have openly commented on their disdain towards Mr. Trump.

Joe Walsh is a former congressman from Illinois and is more commonly known for his conservative radio talk show, “The Joe Walsh Show.” The show was cancelled by the Salem Radio Network after Walsh announced his candidacy. 

Prior to taking his seat, Walsh ran for congress in 1996 with a more “open and tolerant” political ideal. He was a supporter of abortion rights and gun-control at the time, but ultimately lost by 26 points. He ran for a seat in the Illinois State Legislature two years later and lost again. In 2010, Walsh took on a different stance when running for Congress. He became pro-life “without exceptions”, he promoted more conservative views and became the state’s new congressman.

Walsh’s time in Congress was short-lived as he served for only one term. In 2016, he stood as a firm Trump supporter. He has changed his stance since then and when announcing his candidacy on ABC’s “This Week,” he stated, “I’m running against Trump because he’s morally unfit. Period. It’s about Trump. It’s not about the issues. It’s about Trump.”

Walsh’s signature issues consist of reducing national debt, border control, and restraining executive power.

Bill Weld is a former Massachusetts Governor and federal prosecutor. According to, “Weld has positioned himself as a Republican who blends fiscal conservatism with social liberalism.” He was an open critic of Trump during his 2016 campaign and disagrees with him on many views. However, he agrees with Trump’s view on pulling troops from Afghanistan.

Both Weld’s campaign and views focus on many issues that Republicans don’t tend to focus on. For example, he talks on issues like climate change, income inequality, supporting gay marriage, marijuana legalization, and abortion rights. His signature issues: favors fiscal restraint, free trade, and immigration reform.

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is an American businessman with experience in the car dealers industry, real estate, and finances. He ran in the 2016 election as the nominee for the Reform Party and his own self-created American Delta Party which was essentially used as a vehicle to continue his campaign as a “third-party” candidate.

Fuente announced his candidacy for the 2020 election this past May

Donald Trump is the current President of the United States and is looking to keep his place in the White House for another term. I think by now, we all have heard about Mr. Trump and his views, but let’s see what he has done so far as President.

In 2016, Trump’s campaign was huge (bonus points if you read that in his voice). He promised many things, some of which have yet to happen. However, he did begin the construction of his famous wall which is to act as a border between the United States and Mexico. Albeit three years after his campaign and at a higher cost than originally planned, he initiated the construction of 8 out of the 500 total miles last year.

Trump has made a lot of changes during his time in office and not all of them have been bad. For example, unemployment rates are the lowest in 49 years and $6 billion has been secured to fight the opioid epidemic.

Meanwhile, white-collar crime prosecutions are the lowest they’ve been in 33 years. That is, while we have had a long-time businessman in office, money-motivated nonviolent crimes committed by business and government professionals have dropped. According to the New York Times, 95 environmental regulations have been rolled back or are in the process of being so under his administration.

This year, his campaign’s focus is on continuing to build his wall, immigration control, and withdrawing troops from overseas. He also speaks about potential renegotiations or cancellations of international deals regarding climate change, trade, and arms control.

As you all are well aware, the choice is always yours. I have provided you with mere glimpses of these three candidates, but there is so much more to know about each one. I sincerely hope you take the liberties to educate yourselves on the options of this year’s election.


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