From the Desk of the Managing Editor

by Celina Simmons

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you how much I despise winter. It’s just not my season! It’s cold, wet, dark, and depressing, but the weather we’ve been having this winter has given me a different kind of chill.

40 degrees on a day in January is normal if you live in Virginia, but not in Maine. We are used to having snow on the ground throughout the entire month, and I look out my window today to see the leftover leaves of Fall on the ground.

I may not be informed as I would like to be on this global issue, but Climate Change is happening right in front of us! I’ve grown up in New England my whole life and always complained about how I couldn’t feel my face because of the single digit temperatures. I walked to my 9 AM class with only a light jacket and hoodie at least four times this semester. And this semester is only on week three!!

It’s scary to think about because it feels like we have gotten to a point where we either make it or break it, and the odds aren’t looking in our favor. That’s why it is so important I think this year for people to go out and vote for someone who is willing to take these issues head on and do something about it.

If the change between last winter and now is this drastic, I don’t want to see what lies in store next year with the rate we are going. I feel that this has become an issue that we all need to address in our day to day lives, but that will not be enough. It’s become bigger than us. Businesses need to ask themselves if their profits hold more value than their future childrens’ lives because this is the real world we are killing, not a monetized one.

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