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by Magella Cantara

January 17th was a big day for music. Mac Miller’s album “Circles” was released. Halsey released her album “Manic” and Eminem unexpectedly released his album “Music to be Murdered By”.

 To start off this review I’ll go in the order I listened to the albums. The first one was Halsey’s “Manic” She tweeted to her fans saying “Don’t skip your excited asses to random songs, listen in order.” She’s known for honesty and this album is the most vulnerable she’s ever been. When I heard it for the first time, I listened to every song in order as she had instructed while I was in my car, 19 degrees outside, 1:30 in the morning listening to this up and down until 4:00a.m. By the end of it I was in tears.She broke my heart open and put it back together.

Mac’s “Circles” is undeniably beautiful. As a tribute to Mac this album represents the connection to his previous album “Swimming” it was meant to be one long journey of  “Swimming in Circles.” Many Mac Miller fans shed a tear, listening to this masterpiece A dear friend of mine, Celina Simmons is a whole hearted Mac Miller fan even met him twice, saying “Honestly, it hurt. Haha. It was surreal to hear him singing stuff I’ve never heard before, but no matter how sad it made me, I think it was much needed for his fans. Especially since he passed away so young”. 

There’s a song on Eminem’s album that tends to stand out more than the rest. This song is called “Godzilla (ft. Juice WRLD). As a fan, it was interesting to see him have the artist Juice as a feature. I asked a close friend of mine what his thoughts on this particular song was “He’s comparing himself with a giant ass monster Godzilla who causes destruction with every step. I think he’s saying that no matter what he does, he’ll always be seen as the big bad monster of the industry.” Savante continues to share his thoughts after listening to the album,  “It’s his take on how the industry is today, I feel like the song is claiming himself as one of the most infamous artists now”.

In our generation, we listen to songs after an artist dies more than when they are alive. It doesn’t seem to matter about the quality of the music made, but rather the name, publicity and reputation you receive for listening.  “Darkness”, also on Music to be Murdered By, is a song that expresses itself with a music video captivating a moving message. It goes on to talk about suffering with drug addiction, depression, and violence in our world. All three of these albums are very unique to each artist, as they should be. I don’t think they could’ve been released at a better time, setting off a good start for 2020. 

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