Campus News

What’s Your Line of Work?

by The Beacon Staff

Check off the options from each section that you enjoy doing to find out which
corresponding departments you should be looking into for a career you might enjoy.

Realistic – Applied Technology
Fix a car

Assemble electronic parts/gadgets
Set up/operate machinery

Investigative – Public Safety/ Sciences
Work in a lab
Evaluate a crime
Study the movement of planets

Artistic – Arts
Write stories
Creating digital art

Social – Social Sciences/ Education
Help people with personal problems
Taking care of children
Teaching new things
Enterprising – Business
Selling things
Managing money
Being a group leader

Coventional – Information Technology
Using a calculator
Keeping inventory record

This survey is made up of bits and pieces of the “Holland Code.” To take the whole survey, visit Still not sure what your line of work should be? Visit Margaret Brownlee in the Advising Office. Set up an appointment with her today at!

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