From the Desk of the Managing Editor

by Celina Simmons

These past two weeks of February have been a whole month. Or at least it feels that way. Everybody is sick of the weather, we want the sun, and school just won’t let up. That’s why I decided to talk about self-care this issue. I need it and hey, maybe you do too.

First of all, let’s talk about the four R’s to self-care: recognize, realize, research, and recharge. These are really frick frackin’ important to getting started if this is something you tend to pass off because you are “too busy” as I do too often.

Recognize when you need to give yourself a little extra attention. Maybe you catch yourself getting really worked up over something you shouldn’t, or that tension in your shoulders just won’t go away. Self-care. You need it.

Realize it’s important. Realize it’s okay to need it and realize it’s smart to do it. Practicing self-care reduces stress, prevents burnouts, and helps you focus on what is important. Everybody should make themselves a priority once in a while. Afterall, you are your responsibility to provide for and take care of so give yourself the time and healing you need.

Research what self-care is and research what ways will work for you. Everyone is different and we don’t all enjoy the same things. The up side to that is that there are so many ways you can give yourself that needed attention. For some people it is gardening or taking care of a pet plant. For others it’s going for a walk or run. 

The last R is recharge. In other words, just do it! Take that extra hour out of the day to focus on what your body is saying it needs. Here are some of the ways that I like to recharge…

CLEANING: It keeps my mind busy enough to distract from those stubborn negative thoughts. It also makes me feel productive and organized, which ends up being just enough to motivate me to take on some homework in my freshly cleaned area.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.36.06 AM

STRETCHING: I don’t do this nearly enough, but in writing this article, I’ve realized how much better I feel in the morning or at night after I’ve stretched. I like to do yoga before bed for only 10 minutes and when I wake up, before I even get out of bed, I will do some easy stretches lying down. Doing both helps me feel more refreshed the next day and also less stiff in the morning since my body is already feeling flexible.

BEING CREATIVE: I know that this is rather a broad topic but that’s because there are SO many ways that you can be creative. I tend to veer towards poetry, but sometimes the words don’t come out the way I want. In those times, I find myself start doodling. I’m not the best at drawing but I really don’t care. It’s for me, myself, and I, nobody else.

Self-care should not be an option. Everybody needs to make sure they check in on themselves every once in a while. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, how could you possibly take care of anything else?

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