Get to know the Artist: Mercer & his music from Portland, Maine

by Timothy Randall

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Mercer is a local musician based in Portland, Maine and works as a cook at
Gilbert’s Chowder House in Portland on Commercial Street. If you’ve heard
Mercer’s music, you may have heard him perform at, “Monday of the Minds,” at
the Flask Lounge in Portland, Geno’s Rock Club, at the Bayside Bowl, or in
Old Orchard Beach at Mr. Goodbar.

His style is often a mixture of rapping & singing; his honest expression straight from the heart. Growing up a 90’s baby, listening to all the great 90’s music (Bone Thugs, Nas, Wu-Tang and Rakim) he gained inspiration, as well as, an influence to pursue music by his
friends and family. In high school he remembers gathering together with a bunch of homies and just letting it all go.

Mercer’s creative process is a lot of the times on the go:; riding the bus and
on the way to work. He often writes something first and then works off that
thought throughout the day. There’s a lot of building and revision during his
process that helps achieve his goals. He believes speaking your own truth is the
message he is trying to give, “if you feel like it, you should say so.”

Mercer doesn’t just credit himself for his musical talent. He gives credit to his drummer and beat producer, Dylan LeComte, the guitarist Kevin Dube, and Jason Whitmore, the
owner of Penumbra Recordings. He was recently nominated for the best hip-hop video
in Portland and was stoked to be apart of the event and gain recognition.

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Mercer said that he plans to perform a show at least once a month and also said that there’s a new music video coming out for his song called, “Stay.” When Mercer is performing, he’s in a whole different zone and focus, which separates himself
from what’s really going on around him; it’s therapeutic. It’s his outlet. And he thanked his process of working alongside two other music groups: Illspoken & The Difference.


Mercer has been making music for nearly 15 years and plans to just keep on going. The way it makes him feel and how it helps him escape gives him opportunities to connect with the world and share what’s really on his mind. One of his favorite songs he
likes to perform is a song called, “Take my soul.” You can listen to all his music
through his Soundcloud: Mercer.

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