Strive for Excellence, NOT Perfection

by Lauren Ruby

The need to get every single detail of something perfect in one try can cause more stress than is necessary. Always put your best work forward, but don’t freak out if not everything is perfect. It’s just an opportunity to grow.

Stretch your limits a little each day
Do something that you wouldn’t normally do, try a different way of getting something done, or attempt something that pushes you out of your comfort
zone or scares you. Accomplishing such things can relieve some stress and make you feel like you can take on anything.
Look at a work of art
Along with reducing stress, looking at art can improve brain function and thinking patterns. It also affects your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol (a steroid hormone) levels, which can improve your well-being.
Hum a jingle
Even if it might be annoying at times to have a certain song stuck in your head, humming or singing it out can bring you to a state of relaxation and calm you down when you’re freaked out.

Maintain your weight
Along with the physical benefits of exercising and eating healthy, maintaining your weight can increase energy levels, making you feel less tired. It also feels good when you know you’re doing something good for yourself. Even if it isn’t a daily habit right now, you can set small goals for yourself every day to achieve some bigger goals.

Plant a tree
Doing this and other outdoor activities can be beneficial to your mental health,
lowering stress, and can be a way to form relationships with friends and
people in your community. You are also helping the Earth and other people in
the process. #teamtrees

Feed the birds
Along with helping wildlife survive, feeding birds can relieve stress by living
the experience of the chirping birds, and it is a nice activity to get away from daily stress.

Practice grace under pressure
Lead by example. Grace under pressure means that you don’t fall apart or act hysterically in stressful situations. Even if you feel nervous or irritated, you
keep a graceful composure. One way to practice this is to think of a role model and how they would handle the situation.

Stand up and stretch
If you find yourself in a single position for most of the day, take some time to step away from what you are doing and stretch out your body. It can wake up sleeping muscles and restore blood flow to parts of your body that need it. It also gives you a chance to step away from a project or assignment that you’re stuck on and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Always have a plan “B”
It’s always great when you have an idea off the top of your head for an assignment. But there might be a chance that it doesn’t play out the way it did in your head. If this does happen, have a backup plan ahead of time, so you are prepared for the bumps in the road, and there is less stress in the process.

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