The Flat Earth We Roam

by Hayley Deitemeyer

For thousands of years, the world was believed to be flat until ancient Greek philosophers started to make observations which would prove the earth to be round. The greatest contributions to the spherical earth theory was made by Eratosthenes, a librarian in the ancient Library of Alexandria. By measuring the angle of shadows the columns at Alexandria had made, Eratosthenes was able to find the circumference of the earth. 

His findings were incredibly impressive, and it makes one wonder what they taught in school back then. The majority of the population now would agree with these findings. The earth is a sphere. You can observe this simply by looking at the moon or at a picture of earth from space. But there is a group of individuals who would tell any round earth believer that they are blindly following propaganda placed by those in power. 

Why would anyone have the entire world population believe the earth was round? Well, capitalism… of course. If the majority of people were to believe the earth was round, just as every single other planet in the known universe is, then life feels insignificant. It feels random. We were not placed here with an intent or purpose, so we fill our existential void with consumer goods. We do not question why we work forty to sixty hour weeks from the time we turn eighteen to the time we retire. It’s all meaningless. 

Those in power can lead the masses to follow a certain lifestyle which benefits them. The universe doesn’t revolve around us, we are just a tiny speck in the void of space. Imagine if we were not though. Imagine if our planet, the only known planet with life, was different. What if it was flat? We would be more likely to question our purpose. If we were the only flat planet then there would have to be a reason we were put here. 

There would have to be some bigger force at play and following a lifestyle which so many people begrudgingly live, would seem silly. We would spend our time fulfilling a larger purpose rather than filing papers which, in a hundred years, won’t even matter. The planet would become more significant and taking care of the environment would become a priority. All things which would crumble the big cats’ plan for world domination through a consumerist society. 

So, how does the round world translate into being flat? If one were to look at a globe from above and squash it with their foot, the Arctic would be a landmass at the very center surrounded by the flattened continents as we know them. Antarctica though, would surround the entire circle like a barrier keeping everything else in. 

Flat earth theorists believe Antarctica is the key to the whole thing. This is a little known fact, but if you travel too far off from designated research camps, special forces will pop out of nowhere and bring you back. It is much like Area 51, many places in Antarctica are strictly restricted from the public and no one is allowed to live there. 

You may be saying to yourself, “Well duh, it’s incredibly cold and you could die in Antartica.” Yes that is true, but it is also cold in Alaska. Temperatures in Alaska can drop to negative sixty degrees, similar to Antarctica. So you tell me why Alaska has a population of close to a million people while Antartica has a population of zero. 

Another translation of the world being flat can be found on the United Nations logo, which depicts earth upside down surrounded by two branches of leaves. The leaves almost look like a barrier, which is believed to represent Antarctica. Flat Earthers believe this logo is a gentle nod to the secret which they keep. 

Our whole lives we have been fed stories which portray the earth as round. Maybe we should take a look around and ask what else is a lie. This could all be a part of a virtual reality video game for all we know. 


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