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Sharing Smiles Senior Prom

by Celina Simmons

Earlier in February, the student Senate partner with the Enclave Senior Living Facilities to put on their second annual Senior Prom. With aromas of mouthwatering food, sounds of toe tapping music, and folks ready to dance, the evening began.

We arrived at Enclave’s Scarborough location around 5:30 that night. We were greeted with friendly smiles and hello’s. In the lobby they had an unlimited candy bar, drink bar, as well as mini fruit smoothie shots (non-alcoholic, of course). 

From the entryway, we could see the live band playing in the main room with residents and families gathered around. Dale Tarvers, Enclave’s Director of Engineering, informed us of an ice sculpture upstairs keeping some jumbo shrimp cold; and by jumbo shrimp, I mean jumbo. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 9.36.12 AM

I absolutely adored one specific addition from last year which was Enclave’s upstairs theater. They had a slideshow on loop that showed moments captured from different outings with their residents. Oh, and of course a popcorn maker to complete the area!

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 9.37.23 AM

This is something I admire about Enclave. They do so much with their residence and put the importance on making their time in their care enjoyable. Amber Wilson, POSITION TITLE, shows this through her intense work and dedication to make all of these things possible. Anyone can see the passion that she exhibits through her efforts at Enclave.

SMCC students that attended essentially danced the night away in between quick food breaks. The main dinner options were set up buffet style in the main room. I personally couldn’t get over how delicious everything was, but knew I wanted to take more advantage of the dance floor. So, I contained myself around the buffet.

Overall the night was a success. We danced with some of the residents and put smiles on others faces as they watched our attempts to keep rhythm. Even though I know I cannot dance very well, it was such a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that I had no problem letting loose.

I would like to conclude with a very special thank you to Amber Wilson, the Enclave team and residents. It was such a heartwarming evening. I feel so blessed to have experienced this two years in a row and I cannot wait to hear all about next year’s take on the Senior Prom.

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