Lunching & Learning with Midcoast Nursing Club

by Chelsey Domer

On March 2nd , 2020, the Midcoast Nursing Club held our first Lunch and Learn, Shock States: Hypoperfusion and You, which was graciously presented by Jon Grant RN, BSN, MPH. Being our first event meant that we were unsure of what to expect for turnout, and in the end we had approximately 10-12 Nursing 175 students and Dr. Nozdrovicky in attendance.

The club’s Senate Representative provided the group with a delicious homemade, gluten free chili, and club members provided coffee from Dunkin Donuts, in addition to the food items funded by the Student Senate. All leftovers were presented to the Captain’s Cupboard, except for coffee, which was available for all in the L.L.Bean Commons lobby, courtesy of Midcoast Nursing Club.

Those who attended the Lunch and Learn reported it to be an educational and fun experience. The Midcoast Nursing Club, which was formed by and consists of Nursing 175 students, looks forward to expanding beyond our current membership, and we are hopeful to see other nursing students join as time passes. Anyone who is interested in joining the Midcoast Nursing Club can email Co-Chair Chelsey Domer with any questions at chelseyjdomer@smccme.edu.

We hope you consider growing with us, and as a new club navigating what it means to be a nursing club, your input is important to us. Meetings are currently postponed to accommodate for CoVid-19 related closure, though we are considering virtual meetings. Updates on club activity can be found on the SMCC app.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 10.44.52 AM

From left, back row: Jon Grant RN, BSN, MPH, Natalia Klimova, Adrianne Hess (Midcoast Nursing Club Senate Representative), Dr. Michael Nozdrovicky DNP, NP, RN NEA-BC (Nursing Chair, Associate Professor), Kayla Chaput (Midcoast Nursing Club Co-Chair), Emma Rhodes-Armstrong (Midcoast Nursing Club Notetaker). In front from left: Diane Foglizzo, Rebecca Doughty. Photographer: Chelsey Domer (Midcoast Nursing Club Co-Chair).

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