Coronavirus Diaries

by Alex Griffin

5:00AM Shopping

Mom told me that she and dad were getting up at 5:00 AM to go grocery shopping and I was like, “whaaaat?” 

   So, I looked at her. Like, I gave ‘the look’ and said, “ok, are you actually being serious or are you trying to be funny with me?”

   She said “No! I’m actually serious…you really thought I wasn’t serious?” 

   “I can never tell when you’re serious or just being funny,” I said. 

   My parents wouldn’t normally be at the store at 5:30 AM but they are treating it like an adventure because of the Coronavirus. I know people are scared but it’s okay. Just treat every day like it’s the best day of the year, even if this stupid virus gets us down. Just think of it as a ‘6 feet away from people’ adventure challenge, have fun and don’t worry.  

…and then there was the “Griffin Family Fire”

Don’t worry no one was hurt, my dad just put some metal in our outside furnace to burn, and well… the whole furnace decided to burn itself! My mom wasn’t comfortable waiting overnight for it since it was burning slowly, so she called the fire department. And, wait, that isn’t even the best part of this story! 

Mom called up the fire department and she told a lady that there was a LITTLE fire at our house. Well, the woman was all up in arms about the “little” fire and “you need to get all your animals out now!”  My mom literally had to say “a little fire” about six times and that still didn’t get into the lady’s head. The fire was outside and we did not need a whole lot of people and trucks there. Well, they didn’t take her advice and the whole parade came! Even the neighbors were calling up wondering what was going on. It was the most ridiculous day of my life but was the most exciting day of all the 2 weeks that we’ve been stuck at our house. 

Mom and I literally were plastered at our big family window that showed all the chaos and were watching the young men, and wow, they are something to look at! We’ve had NO social interaction and this is the most excitement we’ve had, so don’t judge us. I’ve decided when I grow I’m going to marry a firefighter! Haha, just kidding.

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 8.54.30 AM

Online Class 

     “It’ll be easy,” I said. 

     “It’ll be fun,” I said. 

     Well, no it wasn’t. Every time the teacher wanted me to talk, he couldn’t hear me, due to technical difficulties (which I have yet to figure out). But don’t worry my parents can help me out…hopefully. 

Coronavirus Anxiety 

   My dog is apparently having one of his “dark days” again. It’s his coronavirus anxiety! It’s spreading through the people and now through my dog. 

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