Out the Window

By Wesley Winslow Harmon

March 28th, 2020 | Prompt: While in quarantine, you look out the window and see something that you can’t believe you saw. What did you just see?

Today, I woke to the alarm clock beside my head. A rare occurrence, granted it had been a few hours since its blaring scream began. Sitting up, I glance over my shoulder through my window. The same trees still stand as they have for tens of years, and the same birds are returning for their vacant nests. But even with the most normal and repetitive events unfolding outside of my window, I can’t help but feel uneasy. 

In today’s climate, it seems more shocking than reassuring to see shreds of normalcy in the world. I felt as if nature itself was mocking me. Trees standing strong made my mind tumble. They never unroot themselves, forever still. A rabbit runs with hot feet over the length of my yard, not a single pause in its progression. 

Unbeknownst to me, my face was creeping toward the cold pane of glass that keeps me from falling to my death. I was enamored by the repetitive routine of nature. Rarely does it change, falling into the same cycle each year. Creatures have no need to worry about something drastically uprooting their existence. With no ruler, there are no rules; no obligations. They live as they please, from birth to death. 

This evoked the most incredible and debilitating sense of envy that grew like an abscess. The feeling was almost manic. We walk, drive, and run through life only to completely disregard the beauty that surrounds us. We are stripped of that wonderfully disgusting sense of envy by our futile day-to-day activities. Once this commonality is thwarted, the envy can shine through the clouds. From the societal bars that keep me locked away in my home, I’ve found beauty like never before in the raw and unforgiving practice of nature. Try to be the tree: stable and sturdy, weathering all hardships from both nature and man. Be the rabbit: confident and sure in one’s step. And be the face behind the glass: always watching: and always aware.

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