Doomsday Movies During A Pandemic

by Claudia Burns

Even though we are currently in the middle of a pandemic, I still enjoy doomsday movies when I get the chance.  Although some may find this distasteful at this moment and time, I feel like asking others if they enjoy doomsday movies as well is a good way to find people that have similar tastes.

Some of my favorite “doomsday” movies are; outbreak, Doomsday (of course), 12 monkeys, Children of Men, Armageddon, Waterworld, The Day after Tomorrow and War of the Worlds. (There are more but I do not wish to bore you with a bunch of titles.)

If you have not seen any of these movies here is a brief description of each one just incase you might be interested in any of them.  In outbreak, a monkey is smuggled into the United States carrying a deadly virus. The monkey is a healthy carrier and they are unaware of the virus until there is an “outbreak”. Then, a team of doctors, as well as the Army are brought in to try to stop the spreading and find a cure to the virus in order to save all the people that have been infected or might end up infected with the virus.

Doomsday is essentially almost like a zombie movie about the end of the world, only they aren’t really zombies. By that I mean they’re just people infected by a virus which is called the Reaper Virus and they kind of resemble zombies in the way that they look, except that they’re just super sick. The virus was super contagious so they built a wall to keep those infected away from the people that weren’t sick, but then it found its way over the wall, and since the big people that ran the country and made the wall didn’t want the virus to take them over, they sent a group over the wall to possibly find a cure.  

12 Monkeys is basically like any other movie about a virus that gets released by a group of people trying to use it as a weapon,  except In this movie Bruce Willis gets to travel back in time to try to obtain the virus so that he can help scientists in his time find a cure. Due to the fact that the virus was released in the first place, everyone that survived is currently living underground.  Of course time travel is tricky so Bruce does not always end up exactly where he is supposed to be.

In Children of Men everyone is supposed to be infertile. In the midst of this, one young lady manages to get pregnant, because everyone is supposed to be infertile she never had the talk about how sex could possibly lead to babies, because this wasn’t supposed to be possible.  Some people only wish to help the girl in order to use her baby as a political statement, some just wish to try to find a way to use her to cure infertility, while a select few just wish to keep her and her baby safe.

Armageddon has got to be one of my absolute favorites! I mean, I love all the movies I have mentioned and described so far, but Armageddon is just amazing! So an asteroid is heading towards Earth, and NASA has concluded that if the asteroid hits that it would wipe out all life on Earth. NASA decides to contact “the best deep sea oil digger” in the world to get into a spacecraft and drill a hole on the surface of the asteroid. Harry Stamper (the oil digger) refuses to drill the hole without his team, the team goes into immense 12 day training in order to learn how to use the tools to save the planet.

Waterworld is exactly like it sounds: the whole world is under water. Since the world is under water completely, only some have adapted and ended up with gills. The people that have adapted and ended up with gills is a smaller number then the people that have survived. Sand becomes the best for bargaining, essentially if you’ve got dirt then you’ve got gold! There are bad guys in every good story and this one is no different…the main character in this movie is called the Mariner. The Mariner is a loner by choice, while in one of these makeshift islands he manages to make a couple friends: Helen and a young girl that Helen takes care of, Enola.  Enola is said to have the map to Dryland tattooed on her back, because of this everyone wants to get near her, either to look at the map or to try to get the map. Helen and eventually the Mariner once he decides she’s not so bad just want to keep her safe from harm.

The Day After Tomorrow is basically about this huge storm that is about to hit, and no one believes the climatologist that saw it coming. The U.N. ignores the warnings made by Jack Hall (the climatologist) and that’s when the huge storm happens and a bunch of natural disasters happen all over the world! Jack has to travel from Philadelphia on foot in order to rescue his son, who is currently stuck in New York with his friends and others.

I’m sure most of us have either seen or heard of War of the Worlds. Although it is not your typical doomsday movie in that there are no zombies, or some virus threatening to wipe out the human race, instead the world is in the process of being overthrown by aliens.  The aliens ride the electromagnetic pulses of lightning down to the ground, then they creep up from the holes that they have made with their enormous entry. It is a Tom Cruise movie, so of course the action is packed!

Now I know that not everyone loves doomsday movies, so I also have a few that others might enjoy while we’re all stuck in our houses, because honestly what else are we supposed to do right now besides binge watch everything?! So currently, I don’t really get to choose anything that I watch on tv until after 8 o’clock because I have children so everything I watch during the day comes straight from Disney Plus. Not to worry, I am so not complaining about watching Disney movies. However, on my top 10 favorite movies I only have a couple that most would find suitable for children.  On that note, let’s get to it! 

  1. The Craft.  The craft is about witches that all go to a private school. Three of them have known each other for a while and are trying to find a fourth witch in order to complete their circle, when a new girl starts school with them. The new girl happens to be a natural witch, which just means that she did not have to manifest her powers, she was born with them. After they manage to initiate the new girl into the coven making their circle complete, their powers continue to grow. 
  2. John Carpenter’s The Ward. John Carpenter’s The Ward as per any other John Carpenter movie, it is of course a horror/thriller.  The main character is sent to a psychiatric facility where she believes that she is being haunted by an old patient that had once been there.  She tries to escape the facility multiple times because the staff ignores all her warnings about the old patient.
  3. Scream. Now, I know that a lot of people have seen Scream, and have probably seen the whole series but because you never know, here we go! A masked maniac terrorizes, stalks and kills high-school students in middle-class suburbia. You would never guess most of the victims or who the masked killer really is, definitely full of suspense! Even if you’ve seen this movie a million times never hurts to make it a million plus one!
  4. Nightmare on Elm Street. Now I for one am all for old horror movies, I think most of that might be because they had to try harder due to the fact that they did not have all the special effect options that we do now.  Nightmare on Elm Street is about a man named Freddy Krueger. Now Freddy terrorizes teenagers in their dreams, but if they die in a dream with Mr. Krueger then they die in real life.
  5. Grease. Grease has got to be one of the best musicals out there! From the movie to seeing the play, I just love it! Grease is a love story about, you guessed it, the good girl that falls in love with the bad boy, both willing to change just to be with each other.  
  6. Repo! The Genetic Opera. This opera is basically about how organs are failing at an alarming rate, so one of the richest guys starts a company in order to provide organ transplants at an affordable price, however if you fail to make a payment then a repo man will be sent to take the organ from you.  There is a young girl in the midst of all the chaos of this crazy world who is sheltered from everything, because her father wants to keep her safe and away from the legalized murder and such happening right outside. The young girl has a rare blood disease, all she wants desperately is a cure as well as to know about her family’s history since her father will not answer any of her questions about her family.  All of her questions and concerns are finally answered at The Genetic Opera.
  7. The notebook. This has got to be one of the saddest, yet one of the best love stories!  Allie meets Noah while on summer vacation in South Carolina with her parents. Allie’s family is rich and Noah is a mill worker, so of course her parents do not approve, even if they are in love.  Allie moves to New York with her family and starts attending school, in the midst of that Noah goes off to war. In the midst of everything Allie gets engaged to another man and it seems like Allie and Noah’s love affair is over.  When Noah and Allie meet up again in that small town in South Carolina years later, even with Allie being engaged it becomes super apparent that this love affair is far from over.
  8. A Cinderella Story.  Your basic Cinderella story (obviously right?!) with a twist! So you’ve got the evil step-mother, evil step sisters, but trade that old glass slipper in for a cell phone!
  9. Bring it on! Of course on almost every girl’s list.  Bring it on is the first of six others. It is about the Toros’ and the rivals the Clovers.  The new captain of the Toros is sure that she has everything, she made captain, she’s got a killer routine that is sure to bring home the trophy for the sixth year in a row….until she finds out that their old captain had stolen just about all of their routines have been stolen from the Clovers.
  10. The Polar Bear King. The Polar Bear King is a little more of a children’s movie and filled with fantasy! The king of Summerland falls in love with the princess from Winterland, sounds pretty simple except the King has a terrible curse on him due to the fact that he refused to marry the evil witch. The curse of which she placed on him is that during the day he will be a polar bear.  The sad part though is that if anyone ever sees his face he automatically has to marry the evil witch.

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