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Make Bad Art

by The Beacon Staff

I’ve been reading this blog by one of my favorite authors. His name is Autin Kleon, and today’s post was called “Make Bad Art.” Here is the link, in case you’re interested, but I’ll summarize it for you. He starts with a letter from Sol LeWitt to sculptor, Eva Hesse. An image of that letter is posted with this article.


After helping me to understand why it’s important to say “F-you” to the world and the judge-y people that inhibit creative people from sharing…because that’s where 9/10’s of the problem lies for me, I just don’t want to be judged around my creative process.

Then he quotes Neil Gaiman, one of the writers I have followed, where he says Make Good Art. I have linked his YouTube video here. It’s his 2012 commencement speech from the University of Art in Philadelphia. It’s a very inspiring watch for any of my fellow graduates. How the heck are we going to graduate this year, by the way???

He also provides a video of the aforementioned letter from Sol, read by Benedict Cumberbatch, I’ve posted that here, he is a great reader, huh? The meat of the letter is just the first minute and a half.

So, enjoy this inspiration and make bad art! 

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