A Photographers Perspective: Street Art

Story & photographs by Tamiya Joseph, contributor  

I have been doing photography for the last two and a half years. I have always been a curious person. Photography for me is a huge scavenger hunt and the most accurate representation of my artistic exploration. I have waves of emotions that mix with my art. I have been really wanting to do some more experimentation with provocative imagery, but fear is in the way. Photography has had its ups and downs for me. Recently I have hit a wall with my artistic ability because my network hasn’t led to any paying gigs. For the next few months, I will be doing free photo sessions to network and find new avenues for inspiration. I decided to try something new to get out of a rut: film. Photography did the trick has helped me understand lighting and massively increase my compositional skills, and exposure. In addition, film is something that requires patients and knowledge of the film itself. One of my favorite parts of photography is the unlimited pool of knowledge. Whenever I go out and shoot, I always try to do something new. I took a photography class with Thurston Howes and he really taught me to appreciate street photography. I remember one class he told us how he became a photographer. He was a science guy in the pharmaceutical world, then all of a sudden he switched to photography in his 30s. He even weaseled his way into a prestigious university. His story inspired me, and his playful curiosity inspired me to keep up with it. 

Street photography is scary and that’s what excites me the most. I always have this dreadful fear, that if I photograph someone or something people will come up to me, and ask what I’m doing or tell me to kick rocks. Photography has given me this dying need to explore all of these emotions whether they’re good or bad. In short, fear and curiosity drive me to keep creating. 

Tamiya Joseph is a student at Southern Maine Community College. She is an aspiring photographer and hopes to further pursue her passion for photography. Check out her work on Instagram:  @thetamiyashow.  

Tamiya Joseph, Brooklyn Bridge
Tamiya Joseph, Outside Met
Tamiya Joseph, Parking Sign NYC

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