A Sneak Peek & Success

by Tim Randall

Picture of me is at Woodland Valley Disc Golf in Limerick, Maine – I aced basket 16 on their Black Bear course! It’s always nice to get away from your daily responsibilities and just go do something to ease your mind and enjoy. I highly recommend visiting.

Most people have heard of the quote, “a positive approach will go a long way,’’ and I personally couldn’t agree more. The world would benefit from everyone being more positive, especially during online learning and non-stop Zoom meetings. The majority of students are feeling the effects of long hours in front of the screen, and it’s important to step away every so often. Whether you fall into film with Connie’s essay or go into the woods to track down Marco the Moose that Clayton interviewed. And when you’re ready to get back to work, before you get started, read Krista’s article about time management. All of these stories offer positive perspectives and will help us gain more control of our chaotic lives. After all, everyone appreciates a little time off!

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