In Memory of Our Friend Zach

by Tim Randall

Zachary John Harder, a former student at Southern Maine Community College, passed away unexpectedly on September 18, 2020, while biking on an autumn day in Maine. Zach graduated from SMCC with an Associate Degree of Applied Science in 2019 and was working for the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, and Marine Resources Committees of Maine in this year of his passing.

Zach had a huge heart for the outdoors and it played a great role in his inspiration around his photography and in his personal life. In his hometown of Goshen, Vermont he spent time volunteering at the Moosalamoo Association where he worked to maintain hiking trails near his home. He valued any time spent outside especially when it came to making the trails accessible to anyone. Along with his passion for the outdoors and hiking, he always enjoyed mountain biking and he was planning to join and volunteer at the New England Mountain Association in Maine.

You could always find Zach working on something he truly cared about, and with his eye for design you would often see how beautiful and creative his photography and graphic design projects were. Zach was a great classmate and friend that understood how important it was to be courteous but also have a sense of humor. Zach will always be remembered and never forgotten.

Zach Harder’s website: https://zacharyjharder.wixsite.com/zach

Photo taken by Zach Harder
Photo taken by Zach Harder
Photo taken by Zach Harder
Photo taken by Zach Harder
CNMS 180 Digital Illustration 1: Piano Poster by Zach Harder
CNMS 120 Digital Art 1: by Zach Harder

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