Letter From the Photo Editor

By Jake Doolittle

Sam Jacobs took our cover photo for this issue, which highlights the dramatic transition from in-person to online learning. She described her creative process.

“I used a Canon Rebel T7i with a 35mm lens. My idea of the shot involved students who have little children, but don’t have childcare. Sometimes the children like to mess with the student’s work, thinking it’s a toy or something new and interesting. So they start to play with everything!” Sam said. “Also the picture was taken outside because it was showing that since COVID has locked everyone away from the world, it’s nice to get back to nature, get fresh air, and have a different kind of place to do schoolwork. And since it’s fall, I thought it was a perfect idea to add the colorful scenery. I had my neighbor’s daughter, Ivy, pretending she was being sneaky and trying to touch my schoolwork that was laying on the blanket.”

We at The Beacon feel that the photo shows remote learning in a special and new way. Throughout this issue, we present more images which show the campus, students, and our Virtual College. Let us know what you think about our photographs!Send us your own photos, photo ideas, and feedback. Email me at jakedoolittle@smccme.edu.

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