Disc Golf: A Whole in One

by Tim Randall

The first few times I was introduced to the sport disc golf, I was ready to spend the rest of my life playing and striving to become better at it. The feeling I have when I drive the disc off the tee-pad, launching it down the fairway and into the basket is one of those particular highs that everyone in the sport craves. Whether it’s a beautiful drive that sails down the fairway and parks you next to the basket or that super smooth, long distanced putt that you just nailed. Those “feel good” feelings bring so much happiness.

It’s really important to be confident in your abilities and understand how quickly your game changes when you lose focus on what you’re really out there to do. Have fun. If you’re not having fun and aren’t in the right mindset or you’re just tearing yourself apart after hitting that tree, your game will definitely take a toll. It doesn’t help to be stressed. I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t happened to me before, it’s tough to get out of those thoughts and feelings that really put a strain on your game.

Overcoming all those little, irritating moments like hitting a tree, shanking a drive or letting your friends get under your skin really pays off in the end and makes me realize that having the right mindset is one of the most important things to focus on. Another is form. Form is the key to your success and happiness. You can’t expect to throw well if your body is fluent in the process of throwing. And it’s not just all in your arms, your entire body plays a huge role when you’re playing disc golf.

When I started getting into the sport, you could find my friends and I at Woodland Valley Disc Golf in Limerick, Maine or at our local course in Scarborough called Pleasant Hill Disc Golf. And over the years of playing leisurely and competitively I’ve had the opportunity to play at many courses all around Maine. My respect for the sport is always expanding, I’m always trying to become a better player and be more professional on the course. I’m not talking while someone is throwing, standing too close or in their line of sight to be a distraction. I’m calm, cool and collected.

When I participate in cash at stake tournaments, going out for the win is what we all want but when you’re able to keep your focus, remain calm and not let the little things affect your game, winning is just a bonus. And it’s an even better feeling when you don’t let your emotions and thoughts take over.

When I’m on the course in the right mindset and zone, there’s just so much happiness coursing through my entire body. And even when I’m on the course by myself, working on my game there’s nothing else that matters at the time. I’m going to make the best of my time and work out the things that are straining my game. I feel as if I’m on my way to cleansing my mind, body & soul when I’m playing disc golf and when I leave, I feel as if I gain more than just the good experiences on the course. After all, it’s always nice to step away from the things that are stressing you out and just get out and do something fun.

Photo of me is at one of my favorite courses in North Yarmouth, Maine – Bittersweet Ridge Disc Golf. -I aced basket 2 on the sweetside. BSR is a really fun place that features two different courses that vary in skill. A great place to get out and have some fun.

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