Crystalize Your Thoughts

by Anna DesLauriers

While things like medication, eating well, and exercising are known for helping to maintain or improve our general health, Eastern practices have been around for many years and have many benefits. Meditation and yoga have become popular in Western culture, but crystals and herbs can help our health as well. Each crystal has distinctive properties, and can be focused on physical ailments, or mental and emotional issues.

For example, the crystal selenite, often in the shape of a wand or a small pocket stone, is used for cleansing bad energies. It can be used in spiritual practices, like cleansing a tarot deck before use, or it can be used in a meditation ritual to help rid yourself of negative thoughts.

Although some see “healing crystals” and only think of a placebo effect or a gimmick, they have been used in magic and spiritual rituals dating back to the Ancient Sumerians. Crystals can be used to make grids focused on a specific issue, or can be carried as a type of protection. 

The use of talismans can be seen all through history, in many forms, but Western culture has become more focused on prescription medicine, and items that are tangible. Though, it doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of Eastern healing practices. In the over-medicated world in which we live in, many people are returning to nature to add to their healing routines.

With midterms, the election, and pandemic fatigue upon us, many of us are feeling stress and heavy burdens. Amethyst is a very popular crystal with various uses, but is also one of the most effective for stress and anxiety. We could all use that with the state of the world right now, for soothing ourselves. While yoga and meditation are great for grounding, several crystals are thought to help with this as well. Black crystals, like black tourmaline, hematite, jet, and obsidian are all very powerful grounding stones. Many people incorporate crystals into their meditation, to give them something to focus their energies on.

While the use of crystals in healing may be new for you, it’s worth giving it a try! You can research specific issues that you’d like to focus on, and choose stones that way, but the best way to get what you need is to go into a shop and see what “calls” to you. It may sound like hocus pocus, but when you pick up the stone that’s meant for you, you may change your mind.

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