How Do You Define Love?

by Connie Clarkson 

Joe Millay- “Earth is love”

Earth is Love by Joe Millay

Morgen Williams- “love is something that can be the most difficult but beautiful thing at the same time.  it takes soul searching and even a long time to find for it to be true.” 

Kayla Phakati- “love is a weird feeling, it can be great, sad, calm, raging and depressive, it’s made a lot of beautiful unions over the decades and it has taken lives of some people.”

Jeffrey Hamel- “love is being willing to admit that you yourself dont always have the answers. Love is being able to give every man, woman, and child the free will to speak and be heard. Love is when you look past the surface in order to see the honest truth that lies beneath it. Love is hard.” 

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