Love Letters That Lasted

by Connie Clarkson

   For this issue, I decided to reach out to any fellow Seawolves and ask if they had any wonderful love stories of their own, either from their own life, their parents, grandparents, or friends. It turns out that I got a few replies….

Forrest and Suzanne, It All Started with Coffee. 

  My grandpa was in the Navy many years ago when he was young.  In the Navy, they were not allowed to drink coffee without permission from either someone of authority or a famous figure. Now, this was a problem for my grandpa because he was seriously “addicted” to caffeine. He searched and thought about who he could ask for permission. One day he was reading the local paper and saw a front-page picture of the Maryland State Farm Queen. She was wearing such a beautiful dress and a crown. She was so gorgeous. He sent her a letter asking her if she could write back with permission for him to drink coffee. She wrote back and not only gave him permission but started writing more. They wrote back and forth and started to become good friends. They often talked about meeting each other and spending time together. Now, the Navy didn’t allow visits with anyone that wasn’t family. My grandpa’s good friend who was also in the Navy got his mom to invite him and my grandpa to be able to go out to lunch. She brought my grandma along. As all great love stories go, they fell in love at first sight. They frequently visited each other, falling more and more in love as every day passed. They got married at my grandpa’s naval base in a wonderful wedding dress and him in his naval uniform. They ended up having many children and having the most wonderful life together, a true happily ever after.


A Chance Encounter.

    My grandmother and grandfather met like this: she’s a Puerto Rican who moved here around age 15 without knowing English. My grandfather grew up in Maine and he was a soldier in Vietnam. My grandmother and her sisters all loved men in uniform. The Portland Press Herald released this list of names and locations to send to Mainer soil feed-in Vietnam for Christmas. Mndmother and her sister sent all of them a Christmas card. Two men replied to my grandmother. My grandfather asked for a photo and my grandmother and she sent one. She’s was around  17 and he was around 23-this was in 1966 or 1967. Some months later my grandmother and her sister see these couple of GI’s walking around looking confused and my grandmother’s sister gets excited and is yelling “Oh my God it GI’s!” And she goes over to them. My grandfather tells her he’s looking for a house on Bracket Street, but he can’t remember the number. He shows her a pic of my grandmother explaining he’s looking for her. She like “ah that’s my sister!! Come!” So she leads him to the house and my grandmother is like “Whoa, we are young girls and these are slightly older men, let’s wait for our oldest sister’s husband to get home from work”. The marines are like “sure give him a call we’ll wait” and then they call their oldest sister’s husband and he’s like “hell yeah, they can come over when I’m home. Tell them to wait out and have them buy a deck of cards and a six-pack of beer”. So, that all worked well, and then my grandmother and grandfather fall in love and they get married later that year right before he gets deployed again. They were together almost 50 years (my grandfather died back in 2014)”. 


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