The Start to a New Beginning

by Tim Randall

The future is bright, the future is now. ~ Robert Hoyt

In this issue on Prejudice, we look many of the different types of discrimination. We talk about age, disability, and gender bias. Our writers tackle the issues of LGBTQA equity and discrimination against convicted felons. We even look at bias towards certain breeds of dogs.

So, to end the semester on a strong note, ​The Beacon​ newspaper staff decided to transition from our last issue on Love to the heart-heavy topic of treating each other unkindly.

As we wrote about these topics, we discovered that­—although there are many types of prejudice—ignorance of others was a consistent trait. A number of topics, experiences, and stories show us that we are not really different after all, and no matter where we reside on this beautiful planet, we are one despite these unique personalities and perspectives.

For the cover of this issue, we worked towards creating an image that represents the ages, genders, and various pasts of others. While represented on our cover, we decided not to cover the most obvious problem of prejudice in our country: discrimination based on the color of one’s skin. We felt the topic merited its own issue. So look for that this Spring!
The Beacon does its best to not discriminate against or prejudge anyone; we welcome articles, experiences and stories from anyone with a heartbeat and a message to share throughout the Maine community college campuses. Our Poetry Page welcomes submissions from anyone, regardless of their connection to the college. And learning from our last issue, it helps to have a heart to help manage how we approach a variety of people and situations in our communities.

At the beginning of my experience on ​The Beacon,​ it was strictly a newspaper, only reaching those within our beautiful campus and surrounding communities by those who were intrigued and interested enough to pick up a physical copy. Because of COVID, ​The Beacon​ has been strictly online. With the determination of our team and faculty, we are working towards creating and printing a compilation of the 2020 Issues.

The future is bright, “the future is now.” The Beacon is always working toward finding new ways to reach our students, faculty and the greater SMCC community through the publication, social media pages and our brand new website: “thesmccbeacon.com.” We can’t wait to see what other opportunities arise as time goes on and we will adapt to these ongoing changes.

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