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A Closer Look Into Tattoos

By Samantha Harmon

Impulsive as I am, I finally decided to plan out a tattoo to be done on February 19th, which also happens to be my birthday. Ever since I was 16, I have been eyeing this design and put it off until there was an important part in my life where  it would be representable and mean something to me. The tattoo’s crucial design involves a lotus flower. The lotus flower ,which, in many cultures, means beauty, purity, and harmony. The flower also represents long life, health, and good luck. In nature, the flower grows in muddy waters and rises above the surface to bloom and show remarkable beauty. When I was deciding what I wanted a tattoo of this it spoke out to me. I wanted something that would represent what has happened in the past, meaning the muddy waters, but is able to overcome the hardships. Once the hardships are overcome, then the blooming flower is displayed to mean much more than it was while in the underneath the water. We all go through tough times in our lives, but what we get out of it and the different mindset we have once those challenges are overcome. Over the past year I have struggled with many different things, such as living during an ongoing pandemic for almost a year now. I have personal struggles, but overcome these challenges by developing the mindset I have always wanted.

This tattoo represents more than just a flower of purity and beauty to me; but represents a part of me that I always wish to have and can look back and see that I have shaped who I am by going through these deep and personal times. With a little help from my friends (queue The Beatles reference), I got all the love and support I needed to remind myself that the struggle wouldn’t last forever, even though it seemed like it would. I am thankful for the ability to put this type of art on my body, especially at such a crucial time in my life.In 10 years I will look back on the spine tattoo and see it as a visual representation of my teenage years and how if I can get through this time in my life, then I can get through anything I set my mind to.

My recent tattoo, which was two weeks ago, is the Led Zeppelin IV tattoo. You may be thinking “Sam, why would you get a band logo tattoo?” I got this tattoo on my left wrist for my dad. Ever since I was three years old my dad has shown me the music that inspires him and this is one of our many bonding topics. When I first got a record player, the first vinyl I was given  by my dad was Led Zeppelin IV. I got this tattoo on my wrist so I can look at it and remind myself that my dad will always be with me, even when he is no longer here. The music he introduced me to will always be in my veins, so this seemed very fitting for me to get. I impulsively decided to get this tattoo four hours before I actually got it. I’m not saying just go get something tattooed on a whim, but tattoos are an art form that will always be with us.

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