Arts & Culture

Love Stinks

By Samantha Harmon

Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day is coming up next Sunday. There is no way of stopping it from happening. Ever since the year 496, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated.  If you love the holiday, then feel free to embrace it with your significant other and go out for a nice dinner or whatever couples do on Valentine’s Day. This is your time. If  you like the holiday, but don’t have anyone to celebrate with, then that’s okay too. It’s hard to try and meet people during a Pandemic, so don’t be so hard on yourself if you’ve been slacking in that department. This is the time to treat yourself. Head to the grocery store to buy some of those store made heart shaped cookies, rent your favorite movie, and curl up on the couch or in bed with that comfy blanket you convinced yourself you did not really need, but bought it regardless because it was “so soft.” For the rest of us who hate the typical Rom-Com movies and sappy 80’s love songs, there are many ways to celebrate. It’s a great chance to go out with other Anti-Valentines day people to go out to dinner and make it a group event or to sit on the couch with your furry friend, grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s  ice cream, and watch last night’s rerun of Saturday Night Live on Hulu. Maybe this is a good time to start watching that new Netflix show you’ve been wanting to start, but just don’t have time for and convince yourself that you have better things to do. Well, now is the time for self care. For single people, this is your time.   Island Dog Brewing in Portland understands not everyone is a lover of Valentine’s Day. Their second annual Valentine’s Day event goes from 12-5 on February 14th and offers $5 pints for our readers who are 21 and over. If you’re not 21 order a soda or chocolate milk and join in the celebration of Anti- Valentine’s Day. If going to the bar isn’t your thing, then there are many other ways to celebrate during these times in the Pandemic.

If you’ve been alone during the Pandemic and haven’t had much social intereation, then this is a good holiday to recoonect with a small group of friends, even maybe just one friend that you have been wanting to catch up with, but just have not had the time to do so yet. This Valentine’s Day for me will consist of How I Met Your Mother with a dog who likes to think that the bed is his, even though he has one of his own, but sleeps in mine anyway, and going to bed early because I have to work the next day. As a college student who works almost 40 hours a week,  drowns in homework for 3 days at a time, and has a sleep schedule of a college student, personally, I don’t have the time to go out. I’m in the predicament of all of my friends have left for college or they are all in relationships. The closest thing I have had for a Valentine is my mom coming home with a bouquet of flowers because she knows I don’t have time for Valentine’s Day being a busy worker and a full-time college student. If you are good with time management, then please teach me your ways because it is my biggest downfall being almost 19 years old with a future ahead of me. I know that there are many reasons not to  go out right now, especially during the Pandemic. Sometimes we try not to think about COVID, but it has been almost a year now and the topic cannot be avoided. As a reminder, if you are going out, especially on a Sunday night, then please be safe. Remember to have at least one other person who you trust with you, so you can both be safe. Remember to wear a mask. The last thing the world needs is another COVID outbreak because it’s a holiday and everyone loves to go out on holidays. Remember to wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer on you at all times. Although resturants and public places sanitize everything it’s just an extra precautin for yourself. So remember just stay safe because you don’t want your furry friend asking why you never came home to see them that night. Maybe a fish if your landlord isn’t so accepting of having pets inside your apartment will still be upset if you aren’t coming home to feed them that night. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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