Please welcome Guest Speaker: Abdul Alkalimat

In honor of Black History month, activist, educator Abdul Alkalimat is joining the News Writing & Production class via zoom on Wednesday morning at 10:00am.

Dr. Alkalimat has been fighting for Black liberation for six decades. A pioneer in the struggle for Black studies, he played a key role in the civil rights, Black Power and Pan Africanist movements. 

Alkalimat’s great-great-grandfather, Frank McWorter, was known as “Free Frank”. McWorter turned his Illinois farm into a station on the Underground Railroad in the 1830s. 

Founded in 1836 by McWorter, New Philadelphia was the first town founded, platted and registered by an African American in the United States. Over time he purchased 16 family members out of slavery. Many African Americans and European Americans living in New Philadelphia helped freedom seekers get North. 

Please join us for a powerful morning as we reflect on the past and look forward to the future with Dr. Alkalimat.


Rachel Guthrie

Tim Gillis

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